Resolving a thorny SEC investigation

Our firm recently handled a case where our client, an oil and gas drilling company, was facing multiple and concurrent investigations by state and federal securities regulators, which caused significant damage to investor relations and burdened company management. Our first step was to successfully negotiate and narrowly tailor the SEC and state investigations and highlight the many reasons why the investigation of our client was unwarranted.

We were then able to get all of the investigations dropped or concluded with no adverse outcome or penalty to the client within a 12 month timeframe — an incredibly short time frame in this type of situation.

Completing a successful triangular merger

For a client who builds and manages corporate special event centers across the United States, we helped complete a reverse triangular merger, corporate restructuring, and a subsequent capital equity offering of $20,000,000.

Securing an EB5 Visa for a Chinese company

We were retained by a Chinese-owned real estate development firm to structure a new U.S. job-creation business enterprise that constructed school, residential, and commercial properties throughout the U.S.

Compliant Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

We recently helped a multi-national cryptocurrency issuer structure an initial coin offering (ICO) in compliance with U.S. securities laws pursuant to a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) to U.S. accredited investors under Regulation D Rule 506(c) of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Regulation S for international non-U.S. token / SAFT investors.

Current and Past Clients

2nd Market Capital

Airtime Labs

Allied Global Investments

Anasazi Gold Organics

Atlantic Property Fund


Awake On Purpose LLC

Baba Joe Diamond Ventures

Black Gold

Black Pearl Exploration

BlueSkyBit, Inc.

Brighton Capital

Bucket List Adventures

Canyon Rim Capital

Carte Blanche Resources

CK Metals

Coastline Capital Group

Compass Energy Partners

Comprindeo Software

Creatures Film Partners

Crimson Canyon Real Estate

Danick Resources

DAX Capital Fund

Deaflix Broadcasting

DeedGrabber Tax Lien Fund

Deep Gold Exploration


Downing Street Capital

Dream Shield Automotive Corp

East West Investment Group

EMHC Oil Investment Corp

Equity Capital Fund

Equity Trac Real Estate

Even Stevens Sandwiches

Evergreen USA EB5

Exclusive Private Sale USA

Expansion Ammunition

Fallcatcher Software

Financially Fit

First National Realty Partners

FirstVitals Health and Wellness

Franchise Equity Consortium

Furex Blockchain Solutions

Gateway Blockchain Partners LP


GIPPER Series Fund

Global Private Lenders

Golden Business Solutions EB5

Golden Gate Fund

GRITT Industries


Honeyguide Exploration

i9 Sports

Income Booster Fund

Insider’s Cash

Insight Housing

Internal Medicine Network Group

Ivy Preferred Equity Fund

JPR Capital


Lasoroc International

Life Elixir

Lifestyle Stem Cell Therapy

Lutetium Real Estate Holdings

M10 Outlet Corp.

MAGI Brass Real Estate

Maison de Raviol

Martech Fire Solutions


MGR Capital Oil and Gas

Millennium International Group

Morginsuisse Holdings

Murdock Investments

Myanmar Offshore Investment Fund

Natural Code


Notable Investments

Nytone Medical Products

Orion Aerospace

Osborne Companies

Palm Capital

Peabody’s Self Storage

PHL Vision Hedge Fund


POCO Oil & Gas

Porch Financial

ProActive Real Estate Fund

Prominence Capital Partners

RC Investment Partners

Real Estate Pro Buyers

Red 19 Sports Properties

RED Development EB5

Resolution Capital


RMD Real Estate Fund

Sand Springs EB5

Savvy Wellness

Sawtooth Software

SCVINLLC Real Estate

Secure Private Fund

Skywalk Development

Special Purpose Equities Fund

Starlight Properties

Stikit Designs

Stratosphere Surgical Centers

Studio Physiques

Sundance Capital Group

SureMark Capital

Taste Artisan Chocolate (replace “Fine” with “Artisan”)

Taste Fine Chocolate

The Falls Event Centers

Tommaso Cardullo Fashion

Town & Country Capital

Triangle Restaurant Group

Trivium Strategic Capital

Ukraine Finance Partners

US Lighting Group

Valor Wealth Management

Vega Rock Real Estate

Ventor Avenue

Vision Growth Fund


Wind Chase Partners

Winthrop Bentley Capital


WSDA Development EB5

XYZ Real Estate Group



Client Testimonials

“Mangum & Associates PC expertly helped us set up a Delaware investment fund for our California-based real estate development firm for projects we’re developing across multiple jurisdictions including New York, Indiana and Missouri. Their attorneys also successfully helped us “blue sky” our investment fund’s offering for investors residing across 35 other U.S. states.”

— Multi-State Real Estate Fund Client

“The top level securities attorneys of Mangum & Associates PC assisted us in the establishment of our multi-million dollar global master fund on the island of the Republic of Mauritius and our associated U.S. Delaware LP feeder fund, which targets growth investments across Southeast Asia. We are extremely happy with their professionalism and high level of service.”

— Offshore Specialty Investment Fund Client

“With very little preparation, Mangum & Associates PC helped us structure a solid common stock direct public offering under the SEC’s newly revised Regulation A (AKA Reg A+) with a view towards our future initial public offering and planned public listing on the NYSE.”

— Growth Company Client