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Protecting Investors, Brokerages, Businesses, and Underwriters

Navigating today’s securities regulation is a daunting task for even the most seasoned entrepreneur, investor, broker, or underwriter. When you retain a securities attorney at Mangum & Associates PC, you gain peace of mind that your diverse securities transactions will comply with the wide array of state and federal laws that impact your transactions. Learn more about our approach to securities law below.

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Comprehensive Representation for Businesses at Every Stage

Whether your venture is at the earliest stages, a fast-developing startup, or a well-established business, a securities attorney can help foster both growth and stability. At Mangum & Associates PC, we carefully monitor the evolution of modern securities laws and regulations and then build strategies that consider our clients’ long and short-term goals. If you’re ready to learn more about how securities laws and regulations will impact your venture or investments, contact us for a personalized consultation.

Brands Who Trust Us

We keep corporations in compliance.


Rare Expert In This Field
The attorneys at Mangum & Associates are rare experts in this field. I am continually impressed with their skills as leaders in the legal profession. They are visionary, dynamic, highly organized and, knowledgeable. In fact, Mangum & Associates bring a wealth of experience to any engagement. They are experts at helping organizations leverage information to achieve their buisiness objectives.

T. Cardullo
5 Star Rated Attorney

Comes Highly Recommended
Mangum & Associates provided our company with quality professional services. Whenever there were deadlines that had to be met, they swung into action. The attorneys at Mangum & Associates had good ideas, answered questions patiently and anticipated future problems that could occur when sponsoring a private placement. They come highly recommended.

M. Faller, Executive VP
5 Star Rated Attorney

Legal Experts Every Entrepreneur Needs
Mangum & Associates have exceeded my expectations in their level of professionalism and services. I've also discovered that having the best legal counsel doesn't also cost a fortune. They truly are the legal experts every entrepreneur needs. I always recommend Mangum & Associates to my business contacts.

S. Downs, President
5 Star Rated Attorney

Competent, Responsive; More Than Fair
I have worked with Mangum & Associates for more than 10 years. My CPA firm and Mangum & Associates have referred clients to each other over the years and I have always been impressed with Mangum & Associates’s professionalism and attention to detail. They are competent attorneys with great communications skills. They are very responsive and always more than fair with their clients.

B. Kofford, CPA
5 Star Rated Attorney

Produced Documents To Full Satisfaction
It has been our pleasure to use the legal services of Mangum & Associates on several projects. The nature of these assignments have varied from the simple and forthright to the very complex and demanding. In every case and with no exception, Mangum & Associates has produced the necessary documents and provided the legal counsel to our full satisfaction.

H. Boren
5 Star Rated Attorney

Produced Documents To Full Satisfaction
We have been pleased with their willingness and ability to produce documents within rigid schedules and with their flexibility in revising these documents as necessary. They have been most responsive and we plan on continuing the use of their services in the future.

H. Boren
5 Star Rated Attorney

We Recommend Our Clients Retain Mangum & Associates
Before advising our clients to do any sort of equity financing, whether it be a private round of funding or going public, we recommend they retain Mangum & Associates first.

R. Landerman, Investment Banker
5 Star Rated Attorney

Attention To Detail, With Personalized Attention
What I like most about Mangum & Associates is the personal service. When you think of law firms, service doesn't usually come to mind. With Mangum & Associates, the opposite is true. Attention to detail and availability, along with personalized attention, sets them apart. I have no reservations recommending him to anyone.

Varin Law, President
5 Star Rated Attorney

Recommend To Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
We engage the services of Mangum & Associates for all of our contract work. They are experienced professionals who pay attention to our needs. I always recommend Mangum & Associates to business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready to start or expand their business.

B. Pugh, CFO
5 Star Rated Attorney

Mangum & Associates expertly helped us set up a Delaware investment fund for our California-based real estate development firm for projects we’re developing across multiple jurisdictions including New York, Indiana and Missouri. Their attorneys also successfully helped us “blue sky” our investment fund’s offering for investors residing across 35 other U.S. states.

Multi-State Real Estate Fund Client
5 Star Rated Attorney

The top level securities attorneys of Mangum & Associates assisted us in the establishment of our multi-million dollar global master fund on the island of the Republic of Mauritius and our associated U.S. Delaware LP feeder fund, which targets growth investments across Southeast Asia. We are extremely happy with their professionalism and high level of service.

Offshore Specialty Investment Fund Client
5 Star Rated Attorney

With very little preparation, Mangum & Associates helped us structure a solid common stock direct public offering under the SEC’s newly revised Regulation A (AKA Reg A+) with a view towards our future initial public offering and planned public listing on the NYSE.

Growth Company Client
5 Star Rated Attorney

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