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While most brokers are honest and keep the best interests of their clients in mind, securities fraud is all too common. Many people lose their savings and retirement funds due to unscrupulous actions by brokers, financial analysts, corporations, and other parties. At Mangum & Associates, we help investors hold parties accountable for their fraudulent and deceptive actions. To speak to an experienced securities fraud lawyer, contact us today.

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What Is Securities Fraud?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) enforces federal securities laws, which prohibit misrepresentations, demand fair dealing, and establish strict procedures and practices by which all brokers, traders, and other individuals involved in securities transactions must follow. When someone violates these rules, they may be liable or guilty of securities fraud.

Unfortunately, the securities markets are remarkably complex. It is easy for unsuspecting investors to get duped into bad or fraudulent deals. In these cases, the SEC will investigate the violations. And depending on the circumstances, they may fine or penalize an individual or entity for their fraudulent behaviors.

However, the individuals that were defrauded can also take legal action against the bad actor.

Common Types of Securities Fraud Claims

At Mangum & Associates PC, we handle a wide variety of securities fraud matters, including the following:

Bond Fraud

Bonds are debts that are sold to raise capital for a business or government entity. When someone fails to disclose the risks associated with a bond or misrepresents its level of risk, it may be securities fraud.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Brokers and other individuals with whom we place significant confidence and trust typically have a legal obligation to act in our best interests — sometimes called a fiduciary duty. When they violate this trust, they may be liable for damages. For example, a broker or financial advisor may breach their fiduciary duty when they recommend investments with risk levels that are inconsistent with an individual client’s needs or interests.


Sometimes called excessive trading, this occurs when a broker trades stocks or other investments excessively to build up their commissions.

Misrepresentation and Omission

Funds, brokers, or other entities cannot misrepresent information, such as a company’s financial viability or a fund’s outlook, to inflate share values or influence investor decisions. For example, when a fund hides fees, risks, or intentionally skews its financial outlook to gain investors, it may be liable for your financial losses.

Negligent Supervision

Investment firms must set and follow strict rules about the supervision of their brokers and financial advisors. When they fail to notify you about potential risks in your portfolio or fail to regularly review your portfolio for developing risks, they may be liable for this neglect.

Ponzi Schemes

A fraudulent investment structure that promises a high return on investment, but uses new funds to pay earlier investors. The Enron scandal involved a Ponzi scheme.

REIT Fraud

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) distribute income from their real estate holdings to investors. They have an obligation to disclose certain information to their investors. A lack of transparency that results in financial losses may be a form of securities fraud.

Unauthorized Trading

A broker cannot sell or buy investments from your non-discretionary accounts without proper authorization. Sometimes, unauthorized trading is motivated by churning for commissions.

Mangum & Associates PC Can Help

It can be difficult for even a savvy investor to identify these issues. That’s where a securities fraud lawyer at Mangum & Associates can help.

We take a hands-on, sophisticated approach to securities fraud investigations, carefully assessing our clients’ circumstances, best interests, and the behavior of the brokers, financial advisors, and other entities involved in their claim. Our nationwide team of lawyers has extensive experience working with the SEC, FINRA, and other organizations. We fight to hold bad actors responsible for the financial losses they cause.

These claims involve an array of state and federal rules and regulations. You never want to retain a lawyer that merely dabbles in securities fraud claims. Instead, you need an experienced and respected litigator who can uncover malfeasance, help you navigate our securities laws, and ensure that your claims are properly developed and presented to the court, regulatory agency, or arbitral board.

Request a Consultation With a Securities Fraud Lawyer

If you’ve lost a significant amount of your savings due to the actions of a dishonest broker or financial advisor, or company, you may be entitled to compensation. A securities fraud lawyer at Mangum & Associates PC can help you understand your legal options and regain control after an invasive and damaging breach of trust.

Our team of respected securities lawyers has offices nationwide, and we’ve built a reputation as one of the country’s premier boutique securities firms. Contact us today for more information.