Get Real-World Advice From an IPO Lawyer

If you’re considering a public offering, it’s time to consult with an IPO lawyer at Mangum & Associates. Our team provides high-quality legal advice to companies that wish to grow their markets, whether they are a:

  • Private company that succeeds to access public markets, or a
  • Larger, already-public company wanting to grow their capital.

In any case, we use our extensive securities law knowledge to support clients and complete their initial or secondary public offerings.

IPO Lawyer

Building an Effective Plan With the Help of an IPO Lawyer

As your company grows and evolves, so will its needs. An IPO lawyer in our office can help your business reach its goals. Common reasons for initial public offerings include the following:

  • Raise capital that lets you expand, deepen your research and development capabilities, or reduce your business’ debt
  • Diversify your shareholders
  • Increase liquidity
  • Raise public awareness of your business and polish its reputation

Prior to completing an initial or secondary public offering, our seasoned lawyers will provide you with high-value measures and recommendations on what actions are best for your company. We will guide and advise you through regulatory, SEC, and stock exchange requirements, as well as potential issues with investors and regulators. We develop an ongoing relationship with our clients to ensure they maintain regulatory compliance and are also prepared for such oversight.

Helping You Navigate the World of Securities Markets and IPOs

Going public is a momentous occasion for a business. However, without guidance from a skilled IPO lawyer, it’s not uncommon for businesses to make errors during their initial (or subsequent) public offerings. Thankfully, Mangum & Associates is here to help.

Before your company makes a securities offering, it must either:

  • Register with the SEC and state regulatory agencies or
  • Fall under one of their exemptions.

This typically involves completing a series of documents, which may include Form S-1 (Registration Statement) and Form 8-A (For Registration of Certain Classes of Securities Pursuant to Section 12(b) OR (g)), depending on your IPO structure.

While the federal regulatory framework is consistent across the United States, state regulatory systems can vary dramatically.  To avoid the time and expense of an SEC registration, your company might find a private placement or reverse merger appealing. However, these processes also involve strict requirements, including SEC disclosures. You simply do not want to attempt a securities offering without an IPO lawyer at your side.

We assist businesses with their comprehensive securities offerings, including:

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

A company publicly registers with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and offers the public the opportunity to purchase stock with help from an underwriter or broker-dealer

Direct Public Offering

Similar to an IPO, but the company self-underwrites the public sale of its stock

Private Placement

Securities are sold primarily to accredited investors and the company does not need to complete a full SEC registration

Secondary Public Offering

Shareholders sell stock from a closely-held public company or the company issues new, dilutive shares to acquire new capital

Reverse Merger

The private acquiring entity merges into the targeted public shell company that issues new common stock. It is sometimes used as a way for privately held businesses to go public without a full SEC registration.

In every transaction and registration, we strive to ensure our clients’ full compliance with the SEC ’s regulations while maximizing their capital acquisition.

IPO Registrations Require Attention to Detail

Regardless of your IPO’s format, it deserves a comprehensive strategy and a carefully drafted registration statement and prospectus. Most Form S-1 submissions include two main parts:

  • Part One: provides data about your business’ financial strength and structure, including audited financial statements
  • Part Two: outlines recent sales of unregistered securities, fees, and expenses associated with the IPO, exhibits, and other vital information

Much of Part One will also be included in your prospectus, which educates the public about your offering’s format and potential risks and benefits. (You do not need to include the information from Part Two in your IPO prospectus.) Additionally, your prospectus should discuss the exact terms of the offering, your intended use for IPO funds, and other disclosures.

Many businesses simply do not have the knowledge and capabilities necessary to draft these documents. That is why they turn to a knowledgeable IPO lawyer who can balance the need for accurate disclosures with their business’ interests, ensuring that they comply with the myriad of state and federal laws that impact their IPO and structuring it in a way that meets their goals and fosters goodwill with the public and investment community.

Benefit From Proactive Advice and Insight Into Securities Law

The SEC and state regulatory agencies strictly enforce their registration, disclosure, and other rules. A single mistake on your Form S-1, Form 8-A, prospectus, or other documents may lead to delays and unwanted attention from the SEC and state regulatory bodies.

If your company is considering a securities offering, it’s always best to consult with an experienced IPO lawyer at the outset. At Mangum & Associates, we help businesses assess their options, learn about the regulatory framework, and build strategies that are both legally compliant and make good financial sense  and we take a proactive approach that tries to eliminate potential roadblocks before they appear..

IPO Lawyer

When you work with an IPO lawyer on our team, we’ll give you the time you deserve. We will:

  • Listen to your immediate and long-term goals,
  • Educate you about the complexities of SEC and blue sky law compliance,
  • Outline your securities offering options in plain English, and
  • Guide you through the complex process of registering your securities and introducing your initial public offering

Whether you have questions about the micro, small, mid, or large capital markets, Mangum & Associates can provide you with insight and help you build a securities offering strategy.

Building Strategies That Foster Your Business’ Growth and Development

An IPO or other securities offering always carries a level of risk. Businesses understand as well as manage these risks with help from a skilled IPO lawyer. Making a public offering involves a snarl of complex federal and state regulatory requirements. If the SEC, a state regulatory agency, or an investor discovers violations, your business might face serious penalties. This includes criminal or civil securities fraud charges or the assertion of shareholder rescission rights.

We believe that an IPO lawyer owes its clients more than properly-completed forms. We value attorney-client relationships that are founded on trust, open communication, and an exceptional client experience. To build that groundwork, we work closely with our clients during an IPO or other securities offering. We teach them about:

  • SEC registration process,
  • Their possible exemptions,
  • Required disclosures, and
  • Time and cost associated with each option.

Our goal, simply put, is to empower our clients and help them build effective as well as legally compliant capital acquisition strategies. We appreciate both the effort and sacrifices that you’ve made to bring your company this far. We want to take you to the next level of growth and financial securities.

Explore Your Options With Guidance From an IPO Lawyer

If you’re considering an initial public or secondary offering, Mangum & Associates would love to help you build a successful IPO strategy. We are a premier boutique securities law firm with a proven track record. We also have highly skilled IPO lawyers with a reputation for attention to detail and personalized service. To learn more about the IPO process as well as to receive a customized assessment of your securities options, contact us today.