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Worried About Capital Gains? Consider Investments in Qualified Opportunity Zones

In 2017, the U.S. Government made changes to the Tax Code and created incentives for investment in Qualified Opportunity Zones. The program lets investors defer and even avoid gains when they reinvest in distressed communities within the United States. To learn more about these exciting incentives and how they might impact your investment strategy, contact [...]


7 Must-Have Strategies for Every Private Equity Firm

Buy low, sell high. Sound familiar? Perhaps the most-accredited motto of private equity, it still stands today as the main goal of firms that invest in nonpublic companies—and rightly so. Private equity funds are conceivably among the most malleable and least-regulated investment types, giving them some of the highest potential for earning huge returns. [...]


Your Survival Guide to State Regulation Laws

If you’re a business planning on offering securities, you already know about adhering to federal SEC regulations. However, many companies don’t properly prepare themselves to face individual state securities laws (aka. Blue Sky Laws). While many states have adopted the same legislation as federal laws, many also have their own, which could significantly tamper [...]


3 Essential Concepts Every Capital-Seeking Company Needs to Know

Capital markets are integral components of a thriving economy. Like an onion, the world of utilizing capital markets and securities for financial gain has many layers. There are primary markets that handle the sale of newly issued securities, and secondary markets that are responsible for trading already issued securities. Institutional and retail business investors [...]